Il servizio di retrofit Tecnopres, con cui aggiornare presse idrauliche, oleodinamiche e piegatrici in uso con le tecnologie più recenti

Why takeaway a machinery if still working and could be work better?

When a machinery after have been working for years is still ok and enough for working we are no speaking of an old machine but a of a machine well designed assembled.

For these matters Tecnopres can offer a complete refurbishment of the machine to retrofit and update the system to the "state of the art" technology, for have a like-new machine, in line with similar of last generation.

For Retrofitting services please contact:


Address: via Fratelli Gambino 6 - z.i. Fontaneto, 10023 Chieri - Torino

Telephone: +39 0119476811

Fax: +39 0119414377


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